Tuesday, 1 September 2015


31TH AUGUST 2015

Malaysia’s 58th Independence Day.
Known locally as Hari Kemerdekaan, it is the time we, Malaysians show our appreciation for yet another year of harmony among the people,

This year's MERDEKA celebration is themed ‘sehati sejiwa’, reflecting the spirit of solidarity, understanding, togetherness and humanity of all people in the country.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Mitraland Leisure Club picked Gua Damai Extreme Package for its club members' activities.  It took them sometime to get to Gua Damai Extreme Park because they were unfamiliar with this area but they managed to gather here by 9:20A.M.

After a short briefing session by Mustapha, the group started trekking at 10AM. As it has rained heavily the day before, the trek was muddy and slippery causing the group to go slow. The Mitraland Leisure Club members got to their ziplining and had a go till lunchtime at 12.30PM. After lunch, they left the campsite to explore "Ichibawa Cave" and  continue to abseiling activity. The 13 member group called it a day when the rain came around 3P.M.


     Congratulations, guys!

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Monday, 13 April 2015


Saturday 4th, April ,

For the consecutive year, Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor choosed Gua Damai as their destination to relieve stress. This group consist of 11 male and 22 female students. Organized by Kelab Rekreasi & Kembara KUIS, it was lead by Encik Noor Azman Bin Zainuddin. the adviser of the club mentioned above.

They group arrived the day after their final exam for the semester. While on their two months' semester break, they decided to have a recreational program and also to get to know the caves or speleothems that are in Gua Damai.

As this is a first time for all of team members of  Kelab Rekreasi & Kembara KUIS (being the newly elected executive committee),  they are rather excited and eager to try the Zip Line and abseil besides exploring the 3 natural caves here.

Having gone through necessary briefing and the grouping, the young ladies marched 20 minutes ahead of the young gentlemen to avoid bottleneck. The group had lunch at the camping site and were later escorted into Icibawa and Chili Cave. All of them did well at the abseiling activity.

Before the sun sets, debriefing was done by Encik Azman. Mustapha the leader at Gua Damai Xtreme Park thanked the participants and hope that they will soon return to Gua Damai. After maghrib prayers the group dispersed and went back to enjoy their "extreme" semester break.

Monday, 6 April 2015


On 24 March, Saturday was a sunny day....

A group of 27 students from UNITEN, Bangi hyped out at Damai Wall for the Fun Climbing package which they booked a month earlier.

Lead by Rumi Mikhael they arrived at 10A.M. by bus.

Adding to the large group from UNITEN , was a group of 5 from Ceria Worlwide,(tour & travel agent) lead by Puteri Idayu. It made the climbing site all the merrier.

The groups were briefed about safety, do's and dont, and proper wearing of harness.
Wira Adventure Consultant provided them 8 climbing guides. 6 beginners' routes were set up, ranging from gred 5c and 6a.

They were further broken down into 6 smaller groups, each group taking their turns to climb the top rope.
Lunch was by 12.30pm and they had delicious packed chicken rice. The groups continued climbing untill 4,30pm.

With the pemission of the Gua Damao management, they took  the opportunity to visit the Big Tree Cave before heading back to campus at 5pm. You can really see their beaming faces.
Thank you UNITEN and Ceria Worlwide,

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Rock Climbing is the best place to climb here. Here we have bolted more than 70 sports climbing routes. The grade ranges from grade 5c - 7a+ and suitable for beginners and advance climbers. We are the expert on conducting the courses from level 1 - level 3 (basic and advance course). The two sided bouldering wall is ready for you to boulder around. The 15 meters competition wall is being upgraded to Bouldering Wall 6 meters which was donated by the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia.


Free fall??? Where is GUA DAMAI? OK, position is "N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225" Gua Damai is the first and only place in Malaysia where all Base Jumpers can jump at the height of 316 feet from the peak of GUA DAMAI. Jumpers come and have a try... We have allocated a safe platform, especially built for you jumpers. For more info's of the Jump, Kapt. Aziz "Technical Manager" from Wira Adventure Consultant will assist you. We welcome all Base Jumpers.