Friday, 11 October 2013


24th - 25th Sept 2013
Organized by: Wira Adventure Consultant
The objective is to promote the only "Gua Damai Extreme Park" in Malaysia as the world renown's  BASE jumping spot for cliff jump and to involve sponsors to engage directly in the growing extreme sports series. 
Today, the year 2013, marks the sixth time that we have organized this event. This is also our proudest moment as we have received participants from 13 countries and there were 40 registered jumpers, earnestly joining us in the two day event.
Our big sponsor Redbull provided a giant tent, folding umbrellas with tables and Allsport Equipments sponsored "Petzl headlamp" for jumpers and secretariat.
Apart from the Redbull big tent as a parachute packing area, the jumpers had a big park area to fold their chute.  A-Board were arranged around the landing area to mark the border, flood lights were also mounted towards the landing area for night jumps. The Cave was light-up, to facilitate scrambling in the cave. The trail which led up to the BASE platform were marked by  "light stick" as a guideline. Static rope "via-ferrata" was bolted to the walls of caves until the exitBASE platform is a new metal ramp which also has a new coat of pain for visual pleasure. 
24th Sept 2013, (Tues - Morning) x 65 Jumps
Secretariat provides a pass to recognize jumpers. In the pass it contained the complete health details of the individual jumper besides their photograph. This helps in case of emergency admission into a local hospital.

Each participant was give a “Redbull” drink coupon upon registration. Drinks were redeemed at the counter next to the registration counter.

Malaysian jumper, Mr. Azwan Taharuddin, one of the participants from the "Damai BASE Team" did the  "Roll Over"stunt successfully. Then Mr Shaun Cumar and partner, Ms Kat Donahue of the United States has been breaking records with the action "Tandem Jump" landed with a round of applause from nearby spectators. Ms Kat happens to be the only woman jumper this year.
Two Russian jumpers performed their  "Waterfall" stunt, but lost control and knocked themselves on the cliff. Fortunately, both were safe without incurring any injuries. The branches of the trees provided a cushioned landing.  

24th Sept 2013.   (Tuesday - Night) x 25 Jumps per session    
To get to the platform, participants had to climb up from the cave. The atmosphere in the cave became more interesting and challenging as trails took them through the forest. Something which they had not experienced before.
Fluorescent lights lit the platform area, affording them a final inspection before jumping off the cliff. The night jumps went on smoothly without hitches.

25th. Sept 2013 (Wed - Morning) x 62 Jumps
            Newly arrived jumpers began add on to the registration list. Jumpers from Norway, Germany and New Zealand were present. The Redbull team arrived to distribute canned drinks to participants and visitors.
As the organiser, we are glad and felt satistied as the event went smoothly for once without any life   threatening accidents. BASE jumpers spontaneously interviewed also expressed their satisfaction at how well the trail and platfrom was prepared fro their comfort. To some, BASE jumping from Gua Damai Extreme Park was their first experience and indeed, it would continue to bid hem here.
A million THANKS to those involved to make the event a success this year.
  1. JPAM Kuala Kubu Bahru
  2. Gerakan Belia 4B Wira Damai
  3. Volunteers
  4. Medias
  5. Pejabat Kesihatan Selayang
  6. Polis IPD Selayang

We have much to thank our big sponsors, namely of REDBULL INTERNATIONAL and ALLSPORT EQUIPMENT/PETZL  for contributing tremendously to the success of this event.

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