Saturday, 15 August 2009

15th August - 1st day of B.A.S.E. ACCURACY CHALLENGE

The weather have been great throughout today's program. It was a sunny bright day as compared to yesterday's weather. Everyone had prayed for a good weather day.

The B.A.S.E jumpers did their trial jump today. One hit the target on his 2nd jump. Tomorrow is the finals for the jumpers. The spectators watched in awe as each jumper leaped off the platform 300foot or 96M above ground. In a split second, the parachute opened and you can see the spectators letting go their breath. It is a thrill to watch the jump.

During intervals of the jump, many people, adult and children alike participated in spontaneous games like musical chairs for the adult onlookers and stall owners. They had fun, for its been a long time since they had that game. Children were sent on a quick treasure hunt. They went about asking the crowd to volunteer socks, belts, pens and shoelaces in order for them to win a prize. Of course, the adults could not resist giving in to the request.

In conjunction with this program organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the side events like futsal and rock & wall climbing competition attracted quite a lot of participation. The Menara Kuala Lumpur who is one of our sponsors sent 2 teams to
play futsal. The futsal event is under the charge of the Sports and Recreation Club of Masjid An Nur of Kampung Wira Damai. The MadMonkez Climbing Gym Sdn Bhd handled the climbing festival for novice. Teenagers and children were seen milling around the climbing area waiting for their turn to climb and collect points.

The stalls selling food and beverage offered quite a variety of local food and quick bites such as Roti John, burger and ice cream on sticks. One stall offered free health diagnose and foot therapy at RM2. Other stalls are the Etiqa Takaful Stall and the Teratin Driving Institute.

There all also sponsor booths selling t-shirts, key chains, bags,slippers,outdoor recreation gears,mineral water and dispensers. Let's not forget the paintball booth, offering targets for those eager to try out their sharp shooting skill.

Tomorrow we are expecting more people participate and make the event merrier. More prizes will be offered for the spontaneous games. Look out for hampers!!

Friday, 14 August 2009


We wish to welcome all the B.A.S.E Jumpers who are already here to prepare for their GUA DAMAI 1ST B.A.S.E ACCURACY CHALLENGE tomorrow and Sunday (16th).

For those who have already registered for the novice's category of wall and rock climbing, good luck! To the futsal team - we hope to see you really all out but keep in mind the brotherhood and friendly match.

For visitors, there are some prizes up for grabs during our intervals.. some spontaneous games for you. Looking forward to have you all here. Remember to bring the children too. The more the merrier.

For shooting enthusiasts, try out the paint ball and see how well you score. Be surprised.

20 stalls await visitors and guests, catering to your gastronomic delight,the adventurous you,your health and wealth.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Event Day Drawing Near!!


Gua Damai 1st B.A.S.E Accuracy Challenge, organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, is managed by Wira Adventure Consultant, supported by Malaysia's B.A.S.E Association and Persatuan 4B Wira Damai. This event is organised by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and is sponspored by Menara KL, Outdoor Centre Sdn Bhd and Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym.

In conjunction with the Gua Damai 1st B.A.S.E Accuracy Challenge,there is also a festival on rock climbing and wall climbing competition. It is opened to novice climbers. Other attractions are futsal competition among 32 teams of players.
There will be more than 20 stalls selling food & beverage, gifts, crafts, health products, sport attire, outdoor recreation gear, driving lesson packages and promotion on will writing and takaful protection.

There will also be a free health check by Tuhfah Resources.

The event begins from 8:30AM up to 5PM. The Minister of Tourism Malaysia will officiate the event on 16th August 2009.

Email to To participate in the competition, the forms can be downloaded from Great prizes await the winner!


The best rock climbing site in Malaysia. Here we have bolted more than 70 sports climbing routes. The grade ranges from grade 5c - 7a+ and suitable for beginners and advance climbers. We are the expert on conducting the courses from level 1 - level 3 (basic and advance course). The two sided bouldering wall is ready for you to boulder around. The 15 meters competition wall is being upgraded to Bouldering Wall 6 meters which was donated by the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia.


We Introduce a basic and simple technique of how to climb a tree. With just using a hitch, and a foot loops... A little bit of afford on pulling the rope, will lift you up to the tree. NOW EVERYBODY CAN CLIMB A TREE.,,,suitable to all age, and also disable people.


Free fall??? Where is GUA DAMAI? OK, position is "N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225" Gua Damai is the first and only place in Malaysia where all Base Jumpers can jump at the height of 316 feet from the peak of GUA DAMAI. Jumpers come and have a try... We have allocated a safe platform, especially built for you jumpers. For more info's of the Jump, Kapt. Aziz "Technical Manager" from Wira Adventure Consultant will assist you. We welcome all Base Jumpers.