Wednesday, 26 September 2012

27 BASE Jumpers, 7 Countries

                               27 BASE Jumper Registered for the Cliff Jump in Gua Damai

                        You can pack anywhere in the park               Refreshment time,,,

Early morning by 0730HRS, Gua Damai was already buzzing with activities. 27 BASE jumpers from 7 nations took the 96 metres cliff jump challenge. Out of the 27 jumpers, three of them were women.

The weather was good and accommodating,making the event smooth till the end. By 1100HRS, the jumpers have wrapped up and called it a very good day.
This year is the fifth year and we get to see the highest number of jumpers so far. The total jump was 62 times. It is also a record number for the highest in the number of countries participating.

The most number of participants were from Russia. They are fond of  the "unpacked jump" technique, which helped them to grab the chutes and climb up the cliff faster.

We would like to thank Dato Dr Rahman Ismail who is the  Chairman of NGO in Gombak District. We also would like to thank  Dr. Razlan from Selayang Hospital,  Bahagian Trauma, the Fire and Rescue Department, Rescue Team 4B Youth Movement and the organiser, Wira Adventure Consultant who had organised this event since 2008.


The 5th Charity Climb 2012 (an annual rock climbing festival) held in Gua Damai Extreme Park managed to collect  RM10,003.00 over 2 days which was on the 22nd - 23rd of September 2012.

150 people contributed to the donations collected and it will go to
Persatuan Kebajikan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam, in Rawang.

This charity event was organised by Green Trekkerz with the support of Big Wig, Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym, Belia 4B Wira Damai, Wira Adventure Consultant, Casarano, Chester, Oakley, VPromise.

Monday, 24 September 2012


NEW FLOOR FOR BASE JUMPERS, ready to jump on 25/9

 Wira Adventure Consultant teamed with Belia Wira Damai. Together they  managed to refurbish the floor of the Ram for the BASE Jumpers.

Tomorrow on 25th September 2012, we will be watching live extreme actions at Gua Damai Extreme Park. The BASE JUMP activity WILL BE CARRIED OUT FROM 0730 HOURS TO 1200HRS.

The  Committee of  Gua Damai Extreme Park and the people of Kg Wira Damai welcomes everyone.
A kiosk selling cool refreshment and snacks will be opened tomorrow.

PROKHAS Outdoor Team

                     Sept 22nd 2012
A group from Prokhas Outdoor team signed up for "Gua Damai Exploration" package. 16 of them lead by team leader SHARUL completed the nature obstacle and the longest 250M Zip Line with success. Though many of the team members consisting of 7 women and 8 guys were first timers, they had the determination to take the challenge.

The night before, it was raining heavily from 0200HRS. This made the day a nice weather to sleep in. Therefore, most of the team members arrived late.
At 0900HRS the founders of Gua Damai Extreme Park introduced and briefed them about safety while trekking and doing activities.

The trekkers  passed by "White Wall" and climbed on to Lembah Beringin. While trekking, there was a sharing session on traditional herbs like Tongkat Ali, Sehelai  Setahun, Gadong and a few others.
At "Gua Anjing", all the safety equipment were ready to be put on and then inspected by instructors.
After gliding the Zip Line ,a "tomatoe rice" lunch awaited them. After the  lunch, the team was then divided into 2 small groups of each gender. Then they explored "Ichibawa Cave". They were briefed about cave formations and speleothem.
After that, the groups started to  trek up to the pot hole of "Chili Padi" to do cave spelunking in the chamber which was 60M deep.
Activities were completed by 1830hrs, with abseiling being the last activity of the day, 70 feet from the hole of "Big Tree" cave.


                         CONGRATULATION.... PROKHAS


The best rock climbing site in Malaysia. Here we have bolted more than 70 sports climbing routes. The grade ranges from grade 5c - 7a+ and suitable for beginners and advance climbers. We are the expert on conducting the courses from level 1 - level 3 (basic and advance course). The two sided bouldering wall is ready for you to boulder around. The 15 meters competition wall is being upgraded to Bouldering Wall 6 meters which was donated by the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia.


We Introduce a basic and simple technique of how to climb a tree. With just using a hitch, and a foot loops... A little bit of afford on pulling the rope, will lift you up to the tree. NOW EVERYBODY CAN CLIMB A TREE.,,,suitable to all age, and also disable people.


Free fall??? Where is GUA DAMAI? OK, position is "N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225" Gua Damai is the first and only place in Malaysia where all Base Jumpers can jump at the height of 316 feet from the peak of GUA DAMAI. Jumpers come and have a try... We have allocated a safe platform, especially built for you jumpers. For more info's of the Jump, Kapt. Aziz "Technical Manager" from Wira Adventure Consultant will assist you. We welcome all Base Jumpers.