Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This is how we were before the trekking starts

What do you do, when something exceeds your expectation? Well, you would enjoy it, of course!
That was what the 18 teachers from "Pusat Kokurikulum Kuala Lumpur" did. In what they thought was just a normal routine jungle trekking turned out to be really extreme for them.

At 0930HR, the group had a short briefing, given by Mustapha. Next, they lined up the stairs for an abseiling technique refresher. 3 participants from a popular local TV station tagged along. During the jungle trekking, the group was then briefed by Nor Azarul Azwan about the herbal plants along the trek to Gua Anjing. The trekking ended with an exhilarating glide on the 250M Zip Line. It literally took their breath away.

Had lunch and now resting
"Lembah Damai" was the check point for resting and lunch.
Some of the group members took 40 winks and some took a good rest to stretch out after the adventurous jungle trekking.

Next, they proceeded to Educational Caving in "Ichibawa Cave" . Here, they got to know about the speleothems (cave formation), which is a secondary mineral deposit. Speleothems are typically formed in limestone or dolostone solutional caves.
The teachers experienced walking in darkness, lighted only with a candle stick.

This is Bob, doing the pothole
Spelunking "Potholing"
According to a few of the participants, spelunking is their most challenging and extreme activity.15 minutes of a quick climb to the peak, they were then standing on the steel platform on top of "Chili Padi Cave" . 60M deep to the chamber, the group then potholed cautiously using the 2 lines installed.

Being the rainy session, the group could not escape from being drenched with heavy rain water. However, that did not deter them from carrying on albeit the shivering cold. The rain kept pouring, as they say farewell to Gua Damai at 1800HRS.

Thank you for choosing Gua Damai as your extreme activity venue. We hope you will come again.
Thank you too, to all WAC and Gerakan Belia 4B crew for the great job. To TV9, we hope you had  a successful shoot.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kembara Cuti Cuti 1 Malaysia @ Gua Damai

Date: Oct 21, 2012 (Sunday)

Kembara  Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Hosted by Tourism Malaysia and Gaya Travel Magazine. This time the participants were the : the media journalist & travel agents.

Once again, Gua Damai was chosed as the best climbing spot in Malaysia by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Gua Damai Extreme Park will be cited as one of the landmarks under Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (municipal council of Selayang).

The management, Wira Adventure Consultant and her crew showcased  BASE Jump, Rock Climbing and Abseiling by the youth movement, Belia 4B Wira Damai. Here was how the morning went: 

The Executive Couch escorted by traffic police arrived at 9.30 AM, on schedule. The welcoming show opened with a demonstration of 2 skilled and confident BASE Jumper. They made cliff jumps and landed with great applause from the visitors.

The visitors were then escorted to the rock climbing section where Ms Ayuirianiz of Gua Damai Event & Services, greeted them and gave an opening speech. Then, En Mokhtar who is the  MPS Landscape Director was invited to speak about the future development plans of  Gua Damai  Extreme Park phase II project.

Right after the climbing and abseiling demonstration, the visitors had their turn to try out the activities and had fun.

THANK YOU for your support:  
Majlis Perbandaran Selayang
Gaya Travel Magazine
Belia 4B Wira Damai
Gua Damai Event & Services

from The Management of Gua Damai Extreme Park
Wira Adventure Consultant

Thursday, 11 October 2012


                                                                                            Date: Oct 10th, 2012

Dato' Yang DiPertua Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, Dato Zainal Abidin b. A’ala accompanied by Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Raja, Dato’ Hj Wan Mahmood Pawan Teh and the committees of MPS, Ahli Majlis Mr. Allan Lim and committees, arrived at 03.00pm in the day long drizzling rain.

The consultant of 4B Youth Movement Association, En. Mustapha gave an informative description about this wonderful place and suggested that more routes should be bolted and supported with the incoming budget of Phase II. He said, with more new routes, it will attract more international and local climbers to come. 

Future plan is  to develop Gua Damai under Phase II, marking the new toilet building as the starting border and ends at the White Wall Climbing area. 
Phase III will be at the Red Rock Climbing area.

The audience was captivated by the agility of the youths doing the rock climbing demonstration and gave hearty applause. Dato' YDP spent a few minutes with them. 
The visit ends with an afternoon tea. 



The best rock climbing site in Malaysia. Here we have bolted more than 70 sports climbing routes. The grade ranges from grade 5c - 7a+ and suitable for beginners and advance climbers. We are the expert on conducting the courses from level 1 - level 3 (basic and advance course). The two sided bouldering wall is ready for you to boulder around. The 15 meters competition wall is being upgraded to Bouldering Wall 6 meters which was donated by the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia.


We Introduce a basic and simple technique of how to climb a tree. With just using a hitch, and a foot loops... A little bit of afford on pulling the rope, will lift you up to the tree. NOW EVERYBODY CAN CLIMB A TREE.,,,suitable to all age, and also disable people.


Free fall??? Where is GUA DAMAI? OK, position is "N 03 14.902" E 101 41.225" Gua Damai is the first and only place in Malaysia where all Base Jumpers can jump at the height of 316 feet from the peak of GUA DAMAI. Jumpers come and have a try... We have allocated a safe platform, especially built for you jumpers. For more info's of the Jump, Kapt. Aziz "Technical Manager" from Wira Adventure Consultant will assist you. We welcome all Base Jumpers.